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Pay attention to the material information when buying a vacuum flask

Time:2018-03-16 00:00:00

If you need to buy a vacuum flask, you will find a dazzling array of products on the market, ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan. Does the price difference mean that the effectiveness of the vacuum flask is also different? How should consumers choose a product that suits them? Experts reminded that the price of the vacuum flask is too high or the brand effect, so you should pay attention to the material, capacity and other information when purchasing the vacuum flask.

Many factors affect the insulation effect

What factors determine the insulation effect? The insulation principle of the thermos cup is very simple. Generally speaking, a vacuum layer is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. The thermos cup relies on this vacuum layer to isolate the air and the liquid in the thermos cup to play the role of heat preservation.

There are many factors that affect the thermal insulation effect of a vacuum flask. For example, a vacuum flask with a large capacity has better thermal insulation effect. This is because the more water, the more total heat. In the same time, the larger the capacity, the slower the heat dissipation; the narrower-caliber vacuum flask The effect of the wide-mouth thermos is slightly better, because the heat dissipation area of the narrow-caliber thermos is smaller, so the heat preservation effect is relatively good; the single-layer lid is not as good as the multi-layer lid. If there is a bouncing lid inside, and a thermos cup similar to the outer lid of the cup is added, its insulation effect is better than that of common office single-lid cups; in addition, different manufacturers have different designs for extending the insulation effect of their products, and the insulation effect is also different. There will be differences.

Material and design influence price

There is such a big gap in the price of vacuum flasks on the market, what is affecting the quality and price of vacuum flasks? Insiders explained that one is the material of the vacuum flask. At present, the mainstream material of the vacuum flask market is stainless steel. The stainless steel will add heavy metals such as nickel and chromium. Generally speaking, the high-quality, high-priced vacuum flask produced by qualified regular manufacturers is made of standard medical grade stainless steel, which is ours. 304 stainless steel is often said. The advantages of this kind of stainless steel are high strength, stable performance, strong acid and alkali resistance, and qualified products are harmless to the human body. Some inferior products with low prices may use other specifications of stainless steel. Although these products may have disadvantages such as poor color, light weight, and soft hardness, which will not affect basic use, they may have potential hazards such as excessive heavy metals or precipitation. , Affect human health.

Second, the product is specially designed to extend the thermal insulation effect. The general stainless steel vacuum flask is simply insulated by the principle of vacuum layer between two layers of stainless steel. Some brands of vacuum flask are copper-plated on the outer wall of the inner tank, using the characteristic of copper to gather temperature. Improve thermal insulation performance.

The technology of stainless steel vacuum flask is relatively mature. Whether it is a domestic or imported product, the stainless steel vacuum flask on the market has basically the same insulation principle. Although the above two points affect the quality of the vacuum flask and the price of the product to a certain extent, the retail price of a qualified vacuum flask that can meet the standard is basically about 100 yuan on the market. Some vacuum cups that are ridiculously expensive, or just brand effects.

pay attention to check product information

How should ordinary consumers buy thermos mugs? The first thing consumers need to pay attention to when buying a vacuum flask is health. Since it is impossible for consumers to directly distinguish the material of the vacuum flask like an expert, it is best to choose qualified and regular brand products when purchasing.

Secondly, look at the material, and pay attention to the packaging information of the product when buying. Generally speaking, the cup packaging or the cup body has a chemical mark of the cup body material. Although different brands of thermos cups will be slightly different according to the differences in their use, it is reasonable to use stainless steel within the medical grade range such as 304 stainless steel or austenitic stainless steel.

Third, choose products with relatively good insulation effect. Consumers can refer to the factors that affect the insulation effect and choose a suitable thermos cup in terms of capacity, cup diameter, and lid. It is recommended that consumers do not need to pursue large-capacity blindly. Generally, 350ml-500ml is sufficient for office use. If you have children at home and need to go out often and want to bring more hot water, you can choose a cup of 500ml-1000ml. If consumers choose a thermos cup that is too large, they must choose an auxiliary handle instead of relying on a strap or holding it alone. It is very heavy after filling with water, so prevent scalding and slipping off.


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