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Coffee pot types and usage

Time:2021-09-30 19:34:09

There are many types of coffee pots. Different coffee pots require different types of coffee powder and different methods of making coffee. They are mainly divided into the following types:

1. Moka pot, Moka pot is usually divided into upper and lower parts, pour water into the lower body, put coffee powder in the middle part, and then screw the body tightly into the power source.

2. Drip pot, drip pot only needs to put coffee powder into the powder trough, then put the water into the sink, after plugging in the power, the coffee will drip into the lower container little by little.

3. The siphon coffee pot uses the principle of thermal expansion and contraction caused by water vapor after the water is heated to push the water in the lower sphere to the upper pot, and when the temperature of the lower pot cools, it will suck the water back again.

4. French pressure pot, French pressure pot is the method of soaking, the simmering method of fully soaking the coffee with water to make coffee.

5. When using the Philharmonic coffee maker, you only need to put ground coffee powder and hot water into the long tube container, and then press down the push rod, so that the coffee will flow through the filter paper into the container below.


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