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What kind of cup is good to take out

Time:2021-09-30 19:34:52

Travel mugs have always been the first choice to bring cups when you go out. The main materials of travel mugs are plastic and metal. Therefore, it is more suitable to carry cups of these two materials when you go out. Needless to say, plastic mugs, metal travel mugs The more common ones are stainless steel water temperature cups and aluminum pots, so the problem is coming. If you want to go out, which of these three cups is better?

According to the types and performance of these kinds of cups to choose or choose plastic cups and aluminum kettles are more suitable to carry out, because first, plastic cups and aluminum pots are lighter and easier to carry, and second, plastic cups Compared with aluminum pots, it is resistant to fall and collision and is not easy to break. The difference is that plastic cups are relatively cheap compared to stainless steel cups and aluminum cups. It is only recommended to choose plastic cups for general travel. Of course, if you are going out in a harsh environment, it is recommended to choose an aluminum kettle!

If you have any functional requirements, you can also choose a cup made of stainless steel. The stainless steel vacuum flask can be used for hot water when going out in winter, and the vacuum flask can be used for cold water in summer, because the vacuum flask can keep warm and cold for a long time. , When going out, you can drink a sip of hot or cold water anytime and anywhere, but it is not recommended to carry a thermos cup when going out, because it is not light!


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