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How to choose children's water cups

Time:2021-09-30 19:36:30

The baby is about to drink water, can I still drink it from an adult's water glass? Although you can use an adult's water glass, it is best to prepare a water glass for your baby! So, how should parents and mothers choose children's water cups?

Six points for attention when buying a water cup for your baby:

1. Can it be disinfected? Nowadays, almost all drinking cups are made of PC non-toxic plastic, which can be resistant to high temperature and beating, but not all cups can be sterilized. When buying, mothers must see if the outer packaging indicates whether it is machine washable. Whether it can be disinfected.

2. Whether it can be heated by microwave. If it is not a cup that can be heated by microwave, microwave treatment may cause the chemical composition in the cup to change and affect the health of the baby.

3. The difference between duckbill type and straw type. Although all major brands have their own patented designs, in the final analysis, they are nothing more than duckbill and straw, but the details are slightly different. In addition, mothers should also pay attention to the difference between duckbill or straw-style soft mouth and hard mouth when buying. The soft mouth (tube) is generally made of active edible silica gel, which is closer to the feel of a nipple; the hard mouth is made of non-toxic plastic, and mothers can choose according to the baby's preferences.

4. With or without scale. Mothers should note that not all water cups have scales, and cups without scales are not convenient for preparing food. Moms can choose according to actual needs!

5. With or without handles. Some water cups on the market have handles, and some of the cups themselves are made into a shape that is convenient for the baby to hold and are no longer equipped with handles. Moms can decide according to the baby's habits.

6. "No dripping" function. Many brands of water cups have a leak-proof design, so they do not suck out the water. Even if the whole cup is turned upside down, it will not leak. This is still very practical. Moms can pay attention to it when buying!

The age of the baby should choose the cup according to the age of the baby, so as to achieve the purpose of exercising the baby's grasping ability.


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