Sport bottle series


Name:Sport bottle series
型号Model JKW-Y404-S
容量Capacity 1000ml
装箱数Qty 48PCS
净/毛重N.W/G.W 9/11kgs
外箱 Meas 62*47*36cm
型号Model JKW-Y405-S
容量Capacity 1200ml
装箱数Qty 48PCS
净/毛重N.W/G.W 9.5/10.5kgs
外箱 Meas 62*47*36cm
型号Model JKW-Y406-S
容量Capacity 1500ml
装箱数Qty 48PCS
净/毛重N.W/G.W 11.5/13.5kgs
外箱 Meas 62*47*43cm
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