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How to choose a vacuum flask to know the pros and cons

Time:2018-03-16 00:00:00

The cold and dry winter is the hot season for vacuum flasks. There are many types of vacuum flasks on the market, and the prices vary greatly. How to choose? Cheng Yan, who is engaged in the sales of thermos cups in this city, said that it is not that the more expensive the thermos cups, the better. Relatively speaking, it is most suitable for high practicability. People should pay attention to practicality when choosing a vacuum flask and avoid the following two misunderstandings: First, the vacuum flask is not as expensive as possible. The manufacturing process of the vacuum flask is not complicated, and the principle of heat preservation is basically the same. The difference may lie in the choice of materials. It is not that the more expensive and the larger the brand, the better the insulation effect of the vacuum flask. The second is that the heavier the thermos cup is, the better. Some unscrupulous manufacturers will add sand and other things between the cup body and the inner liner to increase the weight. Although such thermos cups are heavy, their insulation effect is not good. There is no basis for the argument that the heavier the thermos cup, the better the insulation effect.

When you buy a vacuum flask, you can identify the pros and cons from the following points. Fill the cup with water, tighten the lid, and turn it upside down. If the cup does not leak, it proves that the cup is tightly sealed. Pour boiling water into the cup, tighten the lid and let it stand for a few minutes, and then touch the body of the cup with your hands. If the body of the cup is hot, especially the bottom of the cup, it indicates that the heat preservation performance of the cup is not good. If the cup body is always cold, it means that the cup has a better heat preservation effect. You can also observe the appearance and accessories of the cup. If the cup body and inner liner are smooth, without burrs and scratches, and the plastic accessories have no peculiar smell, the quality is good.


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