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Insulation cup maintenance

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Although it has entered the spring, the weather is still dry. When you are warm and cold, you need to drink a cup of healthy flower and fruit tea to supplement your body.

Let's take a look at the daily use of the insulation cup today. When it comes to the mug, we can first explore its predecessor, the thermos.

It may be a lot of mugs that were used in childhood when they were young, and they all have glass liners that are similar to thermos flasks. How will the insulation cup be developed today?

What is the principle of stainless steel insulation cup?

Now the development of the insulation cup gradually becomes a stainless steel liner. The glass liner can only be seen in the large thermos bottle in the supermarket.

Today's stainless steel liner uses BPA-free blasted or electrolytic material surfaces, which retains this insulating cup of the vacuum barrier, and is not afraid of falling and has a very good thermal effect.

How to identify the safety of the mug?

First of all, every plastic container actually has an “identity card”. There is a standard for judging whether there is any harm to the human body in the insulation cup. For example, stainless steel material cannot contain BPA.

BPA is often included in plastic products. BPA is an abbreviation for bisphenol A. Inhaling bisphenol A powder for a long time is harmful to liver function and kidney function, and it also induces heart disease.

Many plastic cups, such as lids, cups, etc., that may come in contact with the mouth may contain BPA, and if necessary, they must be avoided.

Secondly, simply the material: 201 stainless steel <304 stainless steel (18/8) <316 stainless steel (18/10).

201 Stainless steel is cheap, so many unscrupulous merchants use 201 stainless steel as 304. This type of stainless steel often contains hot water and can cause rust. It is also not harmful to health. Be careful when buying it!


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